For the first time, V-Comply provides organisations with validation and reporting that demonstrates organisations are meeting their regulatory and internal standards for encrypted communications today, and in the future.

In today’s encrypted world, failing regulatory compliance is not an option

Regulators are now mandating that data in transit be encrypted, and organisations need to be able to measure and validate, to meet regulatory requirements. Businesses also need to assure their employees, customers and regulators that the data is encrypted in transit.

We are now in an era where encrypted traffic is the norm. Organisations need to find a way of understanding the traffic within their organisation.

Powered by VigilanceAI and Venari Insights, V-Comply enables organisations to set strong encryption standards. Organisations can measure, validate and report on their internal encrypted communications and the ever-growing list of privacy rules and regulations.

Some example regulations include PCI-DSS, MiFID II, HIPAA & GDPR. V-Comply provides your organisation with the power to build granular rules to help assure that your applications and services meet the encryption standards set internally or by individual regulations for today and the future.

Uniquely, V-Comply can monitor the level of encryption for every session in transit in real-time.

The flexibility offered by V-Comply also future-proofs your business against any modifications in regulations for encrypted traffic across markets, sectors and geographies. Ultimately, this allows your business to minimise risk for your applications and services because now you know which encryption standards you’re attaining and which need your attention.

The benefits of using V-Comply

- Granular rule creation for encrypted communication.

- Identify and report non-compliant clients that do not meet the standard.

- Provide continuous validation and reporting of privacy and regulatory standards.

- Identify misconfiguration of TLS on clients and servers.

Encrypted traffic analysis requires a specialist approach not just for compliance, but also for visibility and security.

Venari Security brings these together, on one platform.

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