VigilanceAI Platform

The Venari Security VigilanceAI Platform is built from inception to focus entirely on shining a light on encrypted traffic across your public and private networks, both on-premise and in the Cloud.

Giving you actionable, real-time insights and intelligence about the encrypted traffic on your estate.

How the platform works

The Venari VigilanceAI Platform is comprised of a number of key components. These include:

  • Sensor: A lightweight, virtual appliance, that can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise. The sensor mirrors all network traffic solely capturing meta-data so that privacy is maintained at every stage of processing.

  • VigilanceAI: Static and dynamic analysis, machine learning, behavioural analytics.

  • Insights: The application of Venari Security Intelligence and expertise to give actionable insights about your encrypted attack surface.

  • Modules: Modular capabilities applying our Insights to a variety of use cases including V-Comply and V-Detect.

  • User Interface: Visualization, reporting, alerting.

  • Integrations: Bi-directional connections to external systems such as SIEM, GRC, or SOAR platforms.


The Sensor is a hardened Virtualized Appliance running VenariOS. Deployment is simple, quick and can be easily automated.

The Sensor extracts, pre-processes, and forwards session and encryption metadata from network traffic to the Venari Vigilance Platform for analysis and Insight. Payload data is excluded at capture.

Supporting Private, Public cloud and on-premise deployments it can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and use-cases.

The Sensor has a small footprint and offers scaling from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps capture throughput per appliance.

It supports multiple capture interfaces per appliance and can be used to achieve complete monitoring coverage.

The Sensor is deployed out-of-path so has zero impact on production performance or latency of monitored traffic.


VigilanceAI is the brain of the Venari Security Vigilance Platform. Metadata captured by the Sensor(s) is sent to the Vigilance Platform where the VigilanceAI performs a variety of analytical techniques, including:

- Static analysis

- Dynamic analysis

- Application of multiple Machine Learning models

- Time series analysis

- Heuristic analysis

The conclusions and inferences of the VigilanceAI allow the application of Insights.

These use our deep expertise in Cyber Security, Encryption technologies and their application in large enterprises to provide actionable intelligence for our customers.

VigilanceAI powers the Compliance, Security and Visibility Insights across the Vigilance Platform.


Some Insights you need for encrypted traffic can be pieced together from other platforms. VigilanceAI and Venari Insight bring all of them together (and more), on one platform.

Powered by VigilanceAI, Venari Insights offers a deeper understanding and actionable intelligence about your encrypted attack surface across a wide variety of use-cases and domains.

VigilanceAI powers the Compliance, Security and Visibility Insights across the Venari Security platform. By making these insights available in one place, in real-time on the Venari Security platform, they’re immediately actionable by your security, compliance, IT and OT teams.

Available Insights highlight the real encrypted traffic negotiated, in-use and in transit across your organization. These include:

- Communication characteristics include source application, operating system, and heuristic analysis.

- Threat Indicators (e,g, IP, Domain, Entity and Certificate identity,)

- Protocol vulnerabilities- Deprecated, out-of-date, protocol use

- Misconfigured or bad-practice use of encryption

- Certificate misuse (e.g. validity, expiry, chain-of-trust issues)

Encrypted traffic analysis requires a specialist approach not just for visibility, but also for compliance and security.

Venari Security brings these together, on one platform.

Our Modules


In today’s encrypted world, failing regulatory compliance is not an option.

Regulators are now mandating that data in transit be encrypted to defined standards. Organisations need to be able to measure and validate this, to meet regulatory requirements.

For the first time, V-Comply provides organisations with validation and reporting that demonstrates they’re meeting the regulatory standards for encrypted communications today, and in the future.



Understanding your attack surface is harder in today’s encrypted world.

Encrypted traffic has taken away the visibility that organisations once had to detect suspicious or potentially malicious behaviour across their attack surface. Powered by VigilanceAI and Insights, V-Detect provides organisations with the ability to shine light and alert on behaviour that requires investigation and action.

Uniquely, without decryption, V-Detect monitors the characteristics and capabilities of encrypted traffic in transit, in real-time, to help highlight and understand risk.


Understand your encrypted communications

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