21 September 2022 Kurt Haller

Venari Security and IDC Partner to Counter Risk of Encrypted Traffic

IDC to integrate Venari Security’s ETA platform into its existing product offering, providing greater protection for IDC customers in Europe and the Middle East

21 September 2022 – London – Venari Security, a London-based cybersecurity company, has announced a new partnership with leading IT consultant and multi-cloud vendor, IDC. The partnership will see IDC incorporate Venari Security’s pioneering Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA) platform into its existing product offering, to help its customers identify attackers in encrypted traffic, without compromising data privacy.

Organisations are required to hold, send and safeguard an ever-increasing amount of data, whilst maintaining accountability for any security breaches or lapses in data security. This has driven a massive increase in the adoption of encrypted communications, presenting new opportunities for attackers to disguise threats through encrypted traffic, and maliciously target critical business applications.

By integrating Venari Security’s ETA platform into its current offering, IDC’s customers are able to maintain strong encryption standards and mitigate against malicious activity hidden within encrypted traffic on their networks. The platform uses a combination of AI, machine learning, behavioural analytics and a rules engine to provide actionable intelligence and detect potential threats, in near-real time.

“Owing to the risks of major financial penalties and reputational damage, regulatory compliance has become a significant driver in the adoption of encrypted communications globally. But whilst encryption has undoubtedly been beneficial for data security, this unilateral shift has also weakened the visibility that security teams have over their networks – and this is becoming a growing issue,” said Hiten Mistry, CRO at Venari Security. “Our partnership with IDC will enable its customers to meet crucial regulatory encryption standards, by helping security and compliance teams to understand their encrypted communications better, ensuring complete data privacy in transit."

Valerio Capodacqua
, CTO at IDC
, comments: “Venari Security’s technology platform meets our customers’ needs, giving them unprecedented and unique insight into their encrypted traffic whilst being quick and easy to deploy. Our partnership will bring Venari Security's ETA platform to the Italian and Middle Eastern markets for the first time, providing organisations with the intelligence and insight they need to keep their business secure in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape."

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