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Why Venari Security? Why now?

Cyber security is an intimidating subject for most business leaders, regardless of industry. Executive teams and board members can find it challenging to understand the technical complexities and manage current and future risks to their organisation.

At times, business leaders significantly overestimate what they know about their internal and external environment and underestimate the uncertainty they must learn to manage.

Cyber security is now a real board issue and has become the number one issue for the C-Suite and board members. The risk associated with breaches can cost organisations hundreds of millions of dollars across data loss, regulatory investigations, business downtime, brand reputation and market capital.

Previously, cyber-attacks were an IT problem, this is a business issue with severe ramifications for executive management and board members if the appropriate controls and policies have not been implemented.

Venari Security's strategic consulting services provide every organisation with bespoke executive solutions that make them resilient to today’s cyber risk.

Our team have held senior positions within G7 governments and global enterprise organisations.

Working with business leaders, our team help organisations assess cyber resilience, improve cyber posture and prepare the C-Suite for potential attacks.

Trusted Advisors

Our team of advisors help develop a well-balanced cyber security posture that allows you and your team to identify and protect the “crown jewels” of your business.

As a result of the team’s collective experience advising and managing startups to Fortune 500 companies, Venari Security strategic advisors are known for their ability to communicate clearly and make informed action-oriented decisions.

Our experience in understanding different types of risk allows us to help senior executives and board members understand the current threat landscape and how it applies to the industry. Using situational awareness to help leaders make the right decisions at the right time.

Our Experts

  • Andreas Wuchner

    CEO & Founder of Wuchner Security

    With 25+ years of cyber security experience in the enterprise world, Andreas advises cyber start-ups, businesses, and global investment funds on cyber and IT risk related issues. In his professional career, Andreas worked across multiple industries such as the life sciences, financial services and IT services. He also served as advisor to numerous cyber security organisations like Qualys, Armis and Cylance.

  • Hiten Mistry


    Former banking technologist and lead architect, Hiten has successfully scaled cybersecurity startups from the ground up, helping organisations such as Fortinet, FireEye, Menlo Security, and Cylance earn billion-dollar valuations. Hiten’s technical understanding of the security landscape along with his natural ability to connect with consumers, make him a valuable asset when it comes to creating effective go-to-market strategies across EMEA.

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  • Simon Mullis


    A seasoned IT professional, Simon has spent more than 20 years in IT roles across a variety of industries, such as Core Engineering at Service Providers, Consulting organisations, and at a number of leading IT Security vendors. These include senior roles at FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, and most recently Tanium. Simon has extensive experience in cybersecurity, software development, and cloud technologies.

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  • Bryan Littlefair


    Formerly the Global Chief Information Security Officer of Vodafone and Global Chief Information Security Officer at Aviva, Bryan brings nearly 20 years of IT and network-related information security experience to the Venari Security team. After leaving Aviva in early 2018, Bryan now regularly advises multiple businesses such as CyLon, Legal & General, Cy’BEER, and Cambridge Cyber Advisers.

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  • Paddy McGuinness

    Former UK Deputy National Security Advisor for Intelligence, Security and Resilience

    Paddy advises businesses and governments globally on data and cyber issues, business resilience, and geopolitical and regulatory risk. He is Senior Adviser at Brunswick Group. Previously, the UK’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Intelligence, Security and Resilience advising two successive British Prime Ministers on national risks and the UK’s ability to respond to and recover from all hazards and threats, he oversaw the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy and Programme, the security of CNI and overall national incident response through COBR.

    Paddy McGuinness with Technology Filter
  • Ian Morris

    Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

    Ian is a serial entrepreneur having founded & sold four businesses. Ian is widely recognised as a specialist in ‘what’s next’ in cyber, with extensive knowledge of Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv start-up communities. His businesses have pioneered next-generational approaches and as such, have been the UK launchpad and channel for vendors such as 3Com, Ascend, Juniper, Netscreen, Neoteris, Fortinet, Palo Alto, and FireEye.

    Ian Morris with Technology Filter
  • Mike Rebeiro

    Chairman of Adoption UK and Former Norton Fulbright Lawyer

    With over 30+ years of experience as an international information and technology lawyer and author, Mike has distinguished himself as a thought leader on digital transformation advising enterprise organisations and governments across the world. In addition to Mike’s reputable career at the global law firm, Norton Fulbright LLP, Mike is also the Chairman of Adoption UK, an organisation that provides awareness, support, and understanding for those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with their birth parents.

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  • Chris White

    Former Global CIO of Clyde & Co

    Chris is the former Global CIO of a number of international law firms including Clyde & Co where he managed an IT team of nearly 150 people across 40+ countries. He is an experienced and highly commercial CIO with a proven track record of delivering innovative world-class business solutions. Creating sustainable customer and shareholder value through digital transformation, change, and innovation. A highly skilled leader with the ability to build and lead international teams maximising team effectiveness and productivity. Chris advises a number of businesses on developing their IT strategies and business transformation and how to maximise value from their IT investment.

    Chris White with Technology Filter

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