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As a member of your Executive Leadership Team, you might be struggling with technology risks. And you’re right to find it a struggle. Typically, you’re reliant on overstretched internal experts. Among FTSE100 companies, for example, only 5% of them have board members with measurable experience in specialist technology or cyber security.

You’re asked to be reassured by comfort indicators and technical solutions that increasingly don’t meet current regulatory requirements or the latest ransomware challenges. You might have already considered external brokers, or consultancies, but their expertise was unconvincing, and their prices arbitrary.

At Venari Security, our purpose is to provide every organisation with the specific solutions they need to be cyber resilient. That means, developing the ability to be fully compliant and resistant to today’s threats.

Our Services

Strategic Board Advisory

Given our purpose, we’re here to treat all our clients differently, even those who closely compete in the same sectors or geography.  

As your external advisors, our role is to drive a proactive approach, so that together we can understand and manage your organisation’s risk position.

We’ll apply our experience to quickly understand the existing levels of compliance, and the level of exposure of sensitive assets.

Our objective is to be fit for purpose for both of these as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We help in the following areas and more:

- Offer cyber security expertise at the board level and help the leadership team create a comprehensive cyber strategy.

- Incident response planning and exercising.

- Implement controls and frameworks to noticeably improve your security.

- Engage in executive conversations to provide cyber expertise and market knowledge.


Cyber Risk Readiness

With the rise of ransomware attacks and data breaches, protecting critical assets from attackers is more important than ever before. When it comes to cyber security, it is impossible to be 100% secure.

Anyone who says differently is mistaken. The reality is there will always be risk. Yet, there are actions organisations can take to mitigate that risk to ensure that when an incident does occur it is handled swiftly and effectively.

At Venari Security, our trusted advisors apply their frontline expertise to help organisations transform their cyber defense capabilities to mitigate threats and reduce business risk - before, during and after an incident.

We help in the following areas and more:

- Prepare for a breach through an internal breach audit where our team examine multiple layers of your security infrastructure such as incident response policies, processes and procedures.

- Execute security due diligence assessments to analyse cyber risk and provide bespoke threat mitigation recommendations.

- Bolster cyber defense operations.

- Inform your leadership team with real-time intelligence on the threats that are targeting your business.


Technical Assurance

The workplace has become increasingly more complex, especially with a growing workforce working from home. As a result, organisations have never been more dependent on technology and information systems.

For this exact reason, it is of utmost importance that these technologies are tested to identify any potential weaknesses before cybercriminals exploit known vulnerabilities. Venari Security's Technical Assurance offering provides visibility into how your security program performs under pressure simulating active attacks against your "crown jewels."

We help in the following areas and more:

· Test your controls by applying the latest attack scenarios and find flaws and known vulnerabilities before attackers do.

· Assess your entire attack surface and discover all the various ways attackers can penetrate your infrastructure.

· Implement and strengthen controls against stealthy threat actors.

· Safeguard critical assets.


Over 20 years of experience in cyber security industry

Our advisors are recognised by the wider cyber security industry as being experts in helping to solve today’s problems. Their experience is summarised below for you to judge for yourself.

As part of the leadership team, they’ll be able to manage the full range of security topics; anticipating and pre-empting the issues, rather than being reactive.

To be effective, they’ll also be able to take a broader role, working with your internal security team to prioritise and clarify their needs to the organisation.

Their role is also about knowledge-sharing, providing your Executive Team and your Board with market trends in the security industry.

Our Experts

  • Tom Millar


    Former CEO and Founder of UK MSSP, ITC Secure acquired in 2016 for then-record earnings. With over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity and tech, Tom has grown and scaled multiple businesses through his experience, leadership, and expert-led sales approach.

    Tom Millar with Technology Filter
  • Hiten Mistry


    Former banking technologist and lead architect, Hiten has successfully scaled cybersecurity startups from the ground up, helping organisations such as Fortinet, FireEye, Menlo Security, and Cylance earn billion-dollar valuations. Hiten’s technical understanding of the security landscape along with his natural ability to connect with consumers, make him a valuable asset when it comes to creating effective go-to-market strategies across EMEA.

    Hiten Mistry with Technology Filter
  • Simon Mullis


    A seasoned IT professional, Simon has spent more than 20 years in IT roles across a variety of industries, such as Core Engineering at Service Providers, Consulting organisations, and at a number of leading IT Security vendors. These include senior roles at FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, and most recently Tanium. Simon has extensive experience in cybersecurity, software development, and cloud technologies.

    Simon Mullis with Technology Filter
  • Bira De Lima


    With 20+ years of experience, Bira has successfully led multiple IT organisations across several countries, including a CIO role for a top FTSE 5 Company and a board member of a global service delivery business. More recently, Bira was the COO at ITC Secure where he helped the MSSP earn multiple distinguished awards.

    Bira De Lima with Technology Filter
  • Bryan Littlefair


    Formerly the Global Chief Information Security Officer of Vodafone and Global Chief Information Security Officer at Aviva, Bryan brings nearly 20 years of IT and network-related information security experience to the Venari Security team. After leaving Aviva in early 2018, Bryan now regularly advises multiple businesses such as CyLon, Legal & General, Cy’BEER, and Cambridge Cyber Advisers.

    Bryan Littlefair with Technology Filter
  • Paddy McGuinness

    Former UK Deputy National Security Advisor for Intelligence, Security and Resilience

    Paddy advises businesses and governments globally on data and cyber issues, business resilience, and geopolitical and regulatory risk. He is Senior Adviser at Brunswick Group. Previously, the UK’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Intelligence, Security and Resilience advising two successive British Prime Ministers on national risks and the UK’s ability to respond to and recover from all hazards and threats, he oversaw the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy and Programme, the security of CNI and overall national incident response through COBR.

    Paddy McGuinness with Technology Filter
  • Cristobal Conde

    Former CEO of Sungard

    At the start of his career, Cris successfully sold his company, Devon Systems, to SunGard in 1987 where he eventually took over as CEO bringing the total value of the business to $11B. Since becoming CEO of Sungard, the enthusiastic entrepreneur grew the company to a Fortune 500 company (now part of Fidelity National Information Services). After moving on from the American multinational company, he now serves as Executive in Residence at Accel where the firm invests in early tech startups. In addition to his involvement with Accel, Cris also advises Credit Suisse’s NEXT Investors, TPG Capital, and partakes in multiple accelerator programmes.

    Cristobal Conde with Technology Filter
  • Andreas Utermann

    Former CEO and Co-Head of Allianz Global Investors

    Currently, Andreas is a member of the BOD of Vontobel and the firm's chairman designate. Andreas was CEO and previously Co-Head of Allianz Global Investors, a global asset manager within Allianz’s asset management division. He was a member of the Global Executive Committee throughout his executive tenure and continued as an advisor to the firm until June 2020. Prior to joining Allianz, he spent twelve years working at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, where he became Global Head and CIO Equities. Before this, Andreas worked for several years at Deutsche Bank AG.

    Andreas Utermann with Technology Filter
  • Chris Adelsbach

    Founder and Managing Partner of Outrun Ventures

    Chris is a London-based entrepreneur, fintech investor, and mentor. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Outrun Ventures, a leading investor of early-stage fintech companies. He is also a Venture Partner at Techstars. Previously, he helped found and led Europe's leading fintech accelerator in partnership with Techstars and Barclays Bank.

    Chris Adelsbach with Technology Filter
  • Ian Morris

    Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

    Ian is a serial entrepreneur having founded & sold four businesses. Ian is widely recognised as a specialist in ‘what’s next’ in cyber, with extensive knowledge of Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv start-up communities. His businesses have pioneered next-generational approaches and as such, have been the UK launchpad and channel for vendors such as 3Com, Ascend, Juniper, Netscreen, Neoteris, Fortinet, Palo Alto, and FireEye.

    Ian Morris with Technology Filter
  • Mike Rebeiro

    Chairman of Adoption UK and Former Norton Fulbright Lawyer

    With over 30+ years of experience as an international information and technology lawyer and author, Mike has distinguished himself as a thought leader on digital transformation advising enterprise organisations and governments across the world. In addition to Mike’s reputable career at the global law firm, Norton Fulbright LLP, Mike is also the Chairman of Adoption UK, an organisation that provides awareness, support, and understanding for those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with their birth parents.

    Mike Rebeiro with Technology Filter
  • Lane Bess

    Former Palo Alto Networks CEO and Zscaler COO

    Between 2008 and 2011, Lane was CEO of Palo Alto Networks where he led the late fundraising and scaled the company from its early go-to-market to a revenue run rate exceeding $200 million on the path to its IPO. Lane then joined as Chief Operating Officer of Zscaler Inc., an innovator, and leader in Cloud-based Internet security services. Lane Bess is the Principal and Founder of Bess Ventures and Advisory. He has spent over 30 years as an operational executive and has successfully launched start-ups and grown medium-sized businesses to large scale. He has extensive experience in building technology businesses in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Japan as well as other international regions. His considerable work in the security technology sector has made him a trusted advisor for many enterprise CIOs and CISOs.

    Lane Bess with Technology Filter
  • Neil Ledger

    Director at Exclusive Networks

    Throughout his distinguished career, Neil established high-growth value-added distribution businesses across the UK. As a well-respected entrepreneur, Neil launched Data Connectivity (acquired by Datrontech Group), equip Technologies (acquired by Matrix), and VADition (acquired by Exclusive Networks). Neil is known for building businesses that were sales-led with technical expertise that offered real value to both the channel partners and the vendors alike. In 2016, Neil was awarded the BEM (British Empire Medal) by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth for his valiant efforts of raising over £400,000 for over 40 local and national charities.

    Neil Ledger with Technology Filter
  • Chris White

    Former Global CIO of Clyde & Co

    Chris is the former Global CIO of a number of international law firms including Clyde & Co where he managed an IT team of nearly 150 people across 40+ countries. He is an experienced and highly commercial CIO with a proven track record of delivering innovative world-class business solutions. Creating sustainable customer and shareholder value through digital transformation, change, and innovation. A highly skilled leader with the ability to build and lead international teams maximising team effectiveness and productivity. Chris advises a number of businesses on developing their IT strategies and business transformation and how to maximise value from their IT investment.

    Chris White with Technology Filter

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