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17 November 2021 Elliot Gidley

Why is TLS 1.3 the new way forward?

Amongst many technical differences, TLS 1.3 version offers three major upgrades that are quite critical to an ordinary user. These advantages are:

- Increased Speed
- Better Security
- Simplified Cipher Suites

TLS 1.2 was released more than a decade ago and there are still nearly 67% of websites that still use this encryption method. Since 2008, the digital landscape has rapidly evolved. Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat weren't even around yet 😳 As a result, it is important that organisations adopt security measures that NOT only protect the organisation but also its users.

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Reassurance Can Replace Uncertainty

Once established, any deviation can be quickly identified, and the appropriate action taken for the containment of incidents.

Positive, long-term security can replace a reactive, unstable environment.

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