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20 August 2021 Kurt Haller

Security teams will lose network visibility in the next 2 years

Has your business recently experienced a digital transformation?

If so, cybersecurity should be at the forefront of your business given that many devices are all linked and interconnected. Many of these IoT devices such as smartphones, printers, smart TVs, and much more, are all IP-enabled devices that utilise the latest version of encryption known as TLS 1.3.

With this latest version of encryption, organisations will no longer have the ability to use traditional tools and methods to detect threats since TLS 1.3 requires that all data in transit and at rest must remain encrypted. As a result of this growing adoption of TLS 1.3, attackers now use encrypted communications to breach organisations as it is becoming more challenging for security teams to identify concealed, encrypted threats. According to Internet Society Pulse, 59% of the top 1,000 global websites support the latest version of TLS 1.3.

Given that we live in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, our mission is to make our technology accessible to businesses large and small. What are you waiting for? Get the Measure today.

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Reassurance Can Replace Uncertainty

Once established, any deviation can be quickly identified, and the appropriate action taken for the containment of incidents.

Positive, long-term security can replace a reactive, unstable environment.

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