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29 July 2021 Kurt Haller

Detect all anomalous behaviour hidden within your encrypted traffic without the need for decryption. Keep your business secure with Venari Security.

Ancient Decryption Letters with Magnifying Glass

As organisations digitally transform, a significant number of applications and services are using TLS encryption as the primary method of securing the information on the network. In a world where the digital landscape changes overnight, enterprises are increasingly expected to protect personal and other data. As a result, encryption is becoming the norm. This lack of visibility creates new surveillance challenges and risks.

Gartner confirmed these claims as far back as 2018 in their Hype Cycle Threat Facing Tech stating, "Evolution of ransomware that leverage encryption for malware delivery and command-and-control communications will have higher financial costs because of the length of time before detection..” ..."The value of network security controls will decrease because of encrypted web traffic blindness.”

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Today’s controls on your enterprise network are no longer fit for purpose. Cybercriminals now use encryption as their primary method of communication.

Defend your business effectively, know what is on your network.

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