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07 September 2021 Kurt Haller

Day 1 of the Key Challenge of the Week: Issues Around Privacy

We are kicking off this Tuesday with the first issue modern enterprises are regularly faced with in 2021: Issues around Privacy.

The world is only becoming more digitised and complex as a result of multiple IoT devices and the way organisations store personal information. In a recent survey, over 90% of global online users are concerned about data privacy. Nearly 47% of global online users are concerned about their personal information being exposed in a data breach (Statista).

Given the frequency of data breaches, customers are faced with a growing concern over the way their personal information is processed and stored. Customers have good reason to be concerned, in the IBM Cost of Data Breach report, Customer PII (Personally Identifiable Information) was the leading type of record compromised when a data breach occurred.

Venari Security's encrypted traffic analysis platform solely looks at metadata when analysing encrypted traffic - ensuring employee and customer remains private and confidential.

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Reassurance Can Replace Uncertainty

Once established, any deviation can be quickly identified, and the appropriate action taken for the containment of incidents.

Positive, long-term security can replace a reactive, unstable environment.

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