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07 December 2021 Kurt Haller

City of Dallas Hacked

"The idea of 'smart cities' is no longer something from a science fiction movie, but rather a reality in which most of us are living, at least to some extent. Many of the systems that make up our cities, such as traffic light systems, advertising billboards, traffic signs and telephone networks, are now connected; they are therefore potentially vulnerable to being hacked. In 2017, all 156 warning sirens in the US city of Dallas (which are generally used to warn of extreme weather events) were hacked and activated in the middle of the night for approximately 90 minutes."

Cyber attacks will only grow in severity with the potential of causing serious infrastructure issues. At Venari Security, our aim is to make our technology accessible to businesses large and small to equip businesses with the tools to make them as secure as possible. Book a demo on our website and find out how you can become more secure and compliant.

Source: Jessica Barker

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Positive, long-term security can replace a reactive, unstable environment.

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