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17 August 2021 Kurt Haller

Bigger Threat than Nuclear Weapons

Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffet calls cybercrime the number one problem with mankind and cyberattacks a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons.

In 2021, notable attacks have made headlines including the colonial pipeline attack, JBS Foods, the healthcare attack in Ireland, amongst many more. In these recent attacks, cybercriminals have used encrypted communications to sneak past network defences and extract data through encrypted channels. Unfortunately, organisations tend to find out about an attack after the fact rather than in real-time. How can Venari Security help?

Venari Security looks at over 200+ measures of a certificate and can accurately distinguish the difference between normal activity and abnormal activity on your network. We are able to do this analysis in near real-time so that your security teams can respond quickly to the existing threat.

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Today’s controls on your enterprise network are no longer fit for purpose. Cybercriminals now use encryption as their primary method of communication.

Defend your business effectively, know what is on your network.

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