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06 August 2021 Kurt Haller

60% of organisations fail to decrypt HTTPS efficiently missing critical encrypted threats

In an ever-changing world, attackers have become more sophisticated using encryption to disguise their malicious malware and ransomware. Cisco stated that more than 70% of all malware campaigns in 2020 used some level of encryption to conceal malware delivery and 60% of organisations failed to decrypt HTTPS efficiently missing critical encrypted threats.

The market is failing to address the growing issues with Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA). As confirmed by Gartner, "providers need to enhance their ability to detect suspicious patterns in encrypted traffic."

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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Today’s controls on your enterprise network are no longer fit for purpose. Cybercriminals now use encryption as their primary method of communication.

Defend your business effectively, know what is on your network.

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