The only company focused on encrypted traffic analysis without decryption

We provide organisations with visibility and insight into their encrypted attack surface and how encryption is actively used across their enterprise.

Enabling these organisations to define, measure, monitor and maintain strong encryption standards, highlighting and reporting on deviation.

Giving them actionable insights and intelligence about their encrypted traffic.


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The Challenge

Today, one of the growing challenges for enterprises is they no longer know what's happening in their internal environment, across their networks, applications, and services.


As of January 2021, 95% of all Google web traffic was encrypted.

Source: Google


70% of all malware campaigns in 2020 used some level of encryption to conceal malware delivery.

Source: Cisco


62% of the top 1,000 global websites support the latest version of TLS 1.3.

Source: Internet Society Pulse

How the VigilanceAI Platform works

Insight, analysis and visibility of encrypted traffic is a growing challenge for Compliance and Security teams in all organisations.

The Venari Security VigilanceAI Platform is built from inception to focus entirely on shining a light on encrypted traffic across your public and private networks, both on-premise and in the Cloud.

Giving you actionable insights and intelligence about the encrypted traffic on your estate.

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Our Modules


In today’s encrypted world, failing regulatory compliance is not an option.

Regulators are now mandating that data in transit be encrypted to defined standards. Organisations need to be able to measure and validate this, to meet regulatory requirements.

For the first time, V-Comply provides organisations with validation and reporting that demonstrates they’re meeting internal regulatory standards for encrypted communications today, and in the future.



Understanding your attack surface is harder in today’s encrypted world.

Encrypted traffic has taken away the visibility that organisations once had to detect suspicious or potentially malicious behaviour across their attack surface. Powered by VigilanceAI and Insights, V-Detect provides organisations with the ability to shine light and alert on behaviour that requires investigation and action.

Uniquely, without decryption, V-Detect monitors the characteristics and capabilities of encrypted traffic in transit, in real-time, to help highlight and understand risk.


Understand your encrypted communications

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